What is our method?

The Guardian Investigation method is a simple, direct, client-centered approach that yields results. The 3-step process allows us to deliver all information accurately, conscientiously and sensitively. This thoughtfully developed and repeatedly tested course of action keeps our investigations focused on clients needs.

Step 1

The Vision Model

We believe it is important to get to know our clients to develop a relationship. This helps us to meet and exceed your needs in the investigation. During our initial meeting, we will assess the situation, determine the scope of the investigation, and estimate the time and cost for the project. We know you need answers; we also know having an accurate working budget is helpful for you in determining how to proceed in your search for answers.

Step 2

The Ownership Advantage

When you are dealing with Guardian Investigations you are dealing with the top. The CEO and owner meets with all clients to assess the situation and insure direct accountability and follow through. She wants to be sure you know your case is of the utmost importance and will be handled with the highest level of professionalism. Guardian Investigations uses state-of-the-art technologies, has access to databases unavailable to the public, and is connected to a worldwide network built through more than 30 years of experience. We collect the relevant information, maintaining direct and constant contact with you, redirecting the investigation when appropriate, and keeping it moving in the direction you need to get the answers to help you move forward.

Step 3

The Clear Solution

We believe the only resolution for you, our client, is a clear, concise and accurate one. We provide you with a comprehensive report detailing our investigation findings. We will help you interpret the report, and deliver our assessment and recommendations for moving forward. We do this in a sensitive and conscientious manner to protect and enhance our clients' privacy and bottom line.